Trudeau in BC regarding fires

Prime Minister Trudeau will finally take a first hand look at the fires in BC today.

Trudeau and several of his cabinet ministers will join Premier John Horgan at Williams Lake for an update on the situation.  The evacuation order there was lifted last week, but at least 150 fires are still burning across the province and about 6,000 evacuees can’t go home.

Clementsvale fundraiser

This Thursday, a fundraiser will be at Forrester’s Hall in Clementsvale for the family of Sia Van Wyck, the seven-year-old girl who died due to a farm accident.  She was playing in 1-metre tall hay, the operator of equipment being used to mow the hay did not see the little girl; and struck her on July 19th.

It gets underway at 7 p.m.

The family is from Maine, and they are facing many costs following the tragedy.

You can also make donations at the Digby Town Hall and the Digby Recreation Commission, along with Marshall’s Gifts and Souvenirs.