NS election call

Premier Stephen McNeil has finally called the much anticipated provincial election for May 30th.  It came after a gaffe on the Liberals website last week when an election ad was posted saying it would be May 30th.  McNeil was taking shots at the other parties.  He accused the Conservatives of being negative about the province’s future.  He added that the NDP is ready to write a blank cheque to labour.

Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie focused on what he called the Premier’s so-called balanced budget fixation.  He said the province is far worse off that four years ago, rural communities have suffered; doctors have left the province leaving 100,000 Nova Scotians without a family doctor.  Baillie also said the Tories are pro-growth and will modernize infrastructure in the province.

NDP Leader Gary Burrill criticized McNeil’s Liberals for not opening any new nursing home beds, collaborative emergency centres and hub schools while in office for almost four years.  Burrill also said not enough is being done to address hunger and poverty in the province with 20% more people using food banks than when the Liberals took power.