NS highway twinning

The province has announce twinning without tolls.

It’s planning to spend $390 million over seven years to twin troublesome sections of 100 series highways, but it won’t be using tolls to pay for them.  It says the public was clear on no tolls.  It also said tolls will be removed from the Cobequid Pass in 2019.

The 101 from Three Mile Plains to Falmouth including the Wndsor causeway will be twinned.  The 103 from Tantallon to Hubbards and 104 from Sutherlands River to Antigonish will also be twinned.  There will also be a Burnside connector from Burnside to Bedford to take pressure off Magazine Hill.

Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie says the McNeil Liberals tried to pull a fast one when it comes to toll roads.

Baillie says Premier McNeil should apologize for trying to scare Nova Scotians into paying expensive tolls in order to twin highways.  It was only after the taxpayers said no to tolls that the government found the money to pay for the twinning.