Gallant government responses to electoral reform commission recommendations

The Gallant government is planning to cut the amount of money an individual can contribute to a political party.  A reported announcement this week will have the limit cut in half to $3000 from $6000.  That’s one of 24 recommendations made by the Commission on Electoral Reform.

The next provincial election will be held September 24th, 2018.  The Commission on Electoral Reform recommended moving the date to the third Monday in October, but the Gallant government says changing it now would be unfair.  The move will be considered after that.

The province won’t lower the voting age unless the idea is approved during a referendum.  The Commission on Electoral Reform recommended it going down to 16, but the province won’t do that in time for the September 2018 general election.  The referendum will be held in conjunction with the next municipal elections in May 2020.