Amherst fraud cases

A woman called Amherst police after she got a pop-up on her computer, claiming that it had a virus.  The pop-up could not be removed and a number was provided for her to call.  A fraudster who was pretending to be from an anti-virus company offered to remove the pop-up for a fee.  The potential victim did not have a computer virus at all.  You are being reminded to be very careful with giving remote access to your computer to anyone.

Amherst Police are checking out allegations of fraud involving a business being duped by a scammer.  The business was conned by a person who claimed to be one of the business’s owners.  An email, which closely resembled a legitimate business email was used to transfer money to secure a deal.  Employees wired the money and later found out that the transfer was not authorized and that the company had been defrauded.