Brawl at Riptides game

There was an altercation between two players on the floor just prior to the end of the Saint John Riptides basketball game last night which resulted in members of both teams coming onto the floor. After this was settled both teams were sent to their benches. As the entrance to the dressing rooms was under the bleachers the Saint John team was sent to their dressing room first, however they did not go to their dressing room and hung around under the bleachers waiting for the Kitchener team to come off the floor. At that point two Saint John Police Officers who were already working security at the game, advised the Saint John Team to leave the area and at that point assisted the Kitchener team to safely leave the floor and enter their dressing room, which they did without incident. The Saint John Players were then advised to leave the bleacher area and go back to their dressing room which they eventually did.

In order to ensure there were no further issues Police stayed on scene until the Kitchener Team safely boarded their bus and were on their way. No one was injured and no charges were laid or contemplated.