Storm aftermath

It is still a mess this morning.

The plows have been working all night on the main roads but the winds are still fairly strong and the roads start to drift over not long after the plows have gone through. There’s also the problem of just getting your car out of a parking lot to the street.

The storm knocked out electricity for thousands…and some may not be back on the grid until tonight. About 7,000 Nova Scotia Power customers were out this morning after a peak of over 20,000 yesterday.

Halifax registered 50cm with wind gusts around 83kph.

Schools remain closed today.

Provincial government offices are closed until at least noon. They will reassess later this morning.

Buses won’t be running until at least 5:00 this afternoon, although the ferries will be crossing the harbour as of 7:00am.

Driving is treacherous and the city says if you really have to get out be extra carefull of other motorists and pedestrians who will be walking on roads because of clogged sidewalks.

Elective surgeries and outpatient services were cancelled at hospitals. Off-roading clubs with four wheel drives helped get hospital staffs to their workplaces as well as other staffs to shelter operations.