Python trial

The trial of the man charged in the deaths of two young brothers suffocated by a python in Campbellton was told yesterday the big snake appeared to be trying to escape again after it was recaptured.

Constable Eric Maillet told court that after the African rock python was recaptured, it immediately began lunging at the window of its enclosure and going up towards the vent opening. The officer said he was concerned it still wanted to feed and was trying to get back to the living room where the bodies of Connor and Noah Barthe were located.

The mother of the two boys says she dropped them off for a sleepover that night certain they were in good hands. Mandy Trecartin testified yesterday about her sons who were friends with Jean-Claude Savoie’s son…and they had had sleepovers at his apartment before. She lso said she hasn’t spoken with Savoie since that terrible night.