Caleb’s Courage

Media coverage of Caleb’s Courage, his family and their legacy has been truly heartwarming. It means the world to the MacArthurs. The community has rallied around the MacArthur family, not only to support emotionally, but support financially their dream to build a room in Caleb’s honour. The Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation has teamed up with this family to make their dream come true.
After losing Caleb to a rare form of childhood cancer, the MacArthur family continued Caleb’s legacy of fighting hard and never giving up. The family started fundraising in June, 2015, in the hopes of building a room to honor Caleb and to support families of sick children in their own journeys through palliative care. After many fundraising events, relentless work and the support of a remarkable community and the support of the AVIVA Community Fund, the MacArthur family has raised over $200,000 to build this room and support other projects for families with sick children. Caleb’s Superhero Suite will be officially opened on May 17.