Plea in court to stop referencing Moncton Mounty murders

An RCMP officer has told court threats against police referencing the Moncton shootings need to stop.

Constable Mike Young was testifying in the case of a Saint John man charged with uttering threats and mischief at Saint John Regional Hospital. Young was at the hospital working another case when a call came in about a man making threats and he arrested Ryan Derek DeFazio.

Young told court Defazio started making threats referencing what happened in Moncton…and he said such threats are very difficult for officers to deal with who were there at the time, as he was. Young was one of the officers who arrested Justin Bourque. Other people have also been cited for making threats about the shootings. Young emplored judges to take a stand against them.

Defazio apologized for what he said and he will be back in a month for sentencing.