Carvel Clayton

Security was tight at Halifax Provincial Court Friday morning as Carvel Clayton appeared on a second-degree murder charge in the shooting of Shakur Jefferies.

Clayton appeared in court via video link. A preliminary hearing date will be set on Dec. 14.

The court erupted in violence in November after a group of young men in the gallery charged at Clayton as sheriff ’s deputies led him away. One of them was Markese Logan, a close friend of Jefferies, who phoned him just three hours before he was shot dead on Nov. 12.

Clayton was not hurt but one officer was knocked to the ground during the scuffle as friends and family of both Clayton and Jefferies shouted abuse at each other.

During Friday’s hearing, two police officers stood guard at the courthouse’s front entrance and told the Chronicle Herald they were taking “extra precautions,” after last month’s brawl.

Extra officers were also seen inside the courtroom, with more posted in the hallway. There was no more trouble after the previous fight.