IWK Tree Lighting tomorrow

All are invited to attend the 37th annual IWK Tree Lighting Ceremony to help kick off the holidays at the IWK Health Centre.

This year’s tree lighter is two year old Zaccari Buell from Moncton. At just nine weeks old, Zaccari was diagnosed with Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome – a disorder affecting the kidneys.

“Little Warrior Zaccari” and his family are working hard to find him an organ donor. They have faced many challenges as a result of his diagnosis and are hopeful that Zaccari will be back on the transplant list by the fall of 2017 after completing a course of antibiotics for a life-threatening infection. For Zaccari and his family this is their first ever IWK tree lighting ceremony and it is sure to be a special night. Zaccari will be joined by his mother, Ashley, and his brother, Ababdon.

The event will begin with caroling at 4:45 p.m. tomorrow followed by the Tree Lighting ceremony at 5 p.m.